Dr. Michael Talbot

Dr. Michael Talbot


Dr Michael Talbot MB ChB, FRACS
Dr Michael Talbot is a Specialist in Upper-Gastrointestinal Surgery, Bariatrics, Therapeutic Endoscopy/ERCP, Oesophageal Physiology and Reflux.

Dr Talbot graduated from the University of Otago in 1992 and completed Internship in Wellington, NZ before commencing residency and surgical training at St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney.

He graduated from Advanced Surgical Training in the Sydney Southeastern rotation in 2001 and underwent further subspecialty training as the Lister Lecturer in Surgery at the Glasgow Royal Infirmary before commencing Consultant practice at St George and Wollongong Hospitals in 2003 as a UNSW Senior Lecturer in Surgery. In 2005 he consolidated his public hospital appointments to St George Hospital, and he consults at a number of sites in Sydney and Wollongong.

During his career, he has been the one of the pioneers of complex Bariatric surgery in NSW, and has for the last decade has had the highest caseload of these patients in the State. He performed Australasia’s first robotic bariatric and oesophageal surgical procedures. He is happy to offer the full range of endoscopic and surgical treatments for neoplasia in the oesophagus and stomach, and runs NSW’s longest established High Resolution Oesophageal Diagnostics Lab.